Week #8 – Toyota – Steven Sinn

This past week the Ideal and Conti mechanical team has hit a major milestone. As the project has been infused with technologically advanced equipment, the biggest piece has arrive and has put the team one step closer to job completion. The RTO was shipped in three large pieces the largest to the three weighing just over 27,000lbs. As the job is close to completion the building is mostly closed up and complete, but for this piece of equipment the roof was put on hold, the reason being that the RTO was so large that there wasn’t any other way that we could get into the building. Ideals iron workers that are on site went up and disconnected the and peeled the large section of roof off. Picked with a crane and set on the ground the roof section sat on the found as we waited the arrival of the Unit. As the three pieces arrived Conti had picked the pieces from the trucks and set them in place all connecting together to make one giant piece of equipment. The RTO works as a catalytic converter, similar to the one in the exhaust of your car. Duct work runs from each of the engine dyno’s collecting the exhaust fumes that the test cars put off. The duct connects to the RTO, the unit collects and traps the fumes until the heat chamber reaches the correct temperature. Once at its peak temperature the fumes are released and super heated, the heat breaks down all of the fumes and release clean but, hot air into the atmosphere.  Attached are some pictures of the largest piece of the RTO being set.


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