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Week 6 at MPG -Milkey

Busy week in general as GM shut down is in a few weeks the work orders and PO’s are flying in with short time frames to get them done! It has been crazy but I have also been having some fun! Tuesday we had a safety lunch where I helped cooked for roughly 100 people! Some attendees were GM employees, sub-contractors and our own in house Ideal workers both in the field and in the office personnel. It was a hot day in general but we buckled down, lit the grills, and all had a nice afternoon at the GM pavilion. I tried convincing Paul to work on getting me an Ideal Contracting grilling apron so we will see if he can make it happen!

My presentation topic has been chosen and I have made good progress getting all my information and research done. I selected a topic that is very important to me which is educating and informing high schools of the career options within the construction industry. I was lucky enough to do a consortium program and I am a huge supporter of what they are trying to accomplish! I will not go into much detail because that is what the presentation is about but I was excited to contact some old teachers and administrators as I begin to work out the details of my work.

My next goal is to begin discussing with other interns what and where their projects are at, in hopes to tag along for a day at a couple of the sites to learn more about the construction industry as well as the diversity of Ideal contracting and the different kinds of work they are performing around the area. I am also excited to work with my intern team as we begin to discuss options and project ideas we can install to better the community area around Scarcny Park, more details to come!

Back to the grind stone I go, but thanks to all who have been helping me along the way! I have had great honor in meeting such nice and friendly people here at Ideal Contracting.


Grilling with Caleb the other intern here at MPG.  Of course I’m wearing a Hawaiian shirt, if only I was on a beach somewhere with a nice breeze blowing while cooking!

The GM pavilion where we held the event.

Thanks Paul for allowing us to cook and enjoy the afternoon!


Until next week!

Andrew Milkey

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