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Update from MPG-Milkey

Well here goes nothing! Disclaimer: Because of GM Milford Proving Grounds strict no photo policy, it is very unlikely there will ever be attached photos. They are so strict that they have a special tape which covers your camera and it is checked when you exit to make sure it was never removed! With that being said, I will try to keep the text as entertaining and exciting as I can! MPG and the Ideal team here has been amazing and very welcoming, from the laborers out in the field all the way to the office personnel here in Building 40.

MPG is really diversified as there are many jobs going on all at the same time. They have a very broad range as well. Some jobs are a simple one electrical outlet plug install, while others are a $900,000 project in road and track repairs! I have had the opportunity to start seeing these jobs at all phases they go through. I have been working closely with John, my mentor, in setting jobs up, bidding them, and attending pre job meetings. I have gone out in the field with one of our superintendents Ed, and walked the jobs and seen them in progress as the laborers are working on them. I have then came back in the office with John, worked on final billings, and forecasting on the hard dollar side! I am learning new things every day here at MPG and I look forward to what the rest of the summer has in store for me!

This past Thursday we have to take a behind the scenes tour of the new Little Cesar’s arena! What a great project to walk through. There were so many things going on at the project we walked it for a couple of hours and I still do not feel like we saw all of the buildings! I was very interested in some of the new innovative technology that is being integrated into the building. Anything from the ceiling being a giant bubble or plastic and compressed air, all the way to the interior ceiling have lights on the bottom where it will be able to produce large words above the crowd. The scale and detail that has been put into the building and the owner involvement with it was truly a sight to see. I look forward to visiting this site as it nears completions maybe later this summer.

I look forward to continuing on with Ideal this summer and keep an eye out for more updates out here at MPG!

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