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DEEC Week 4

It is a blessing to be apart of the project here at Little Caesars Arena. With a deadline quickly approaching, it is go time. Days are always jam packed and we have a ton of work yet to be completed. It is awesome being a part of the tail end of the project because I am constantly being exposed to new information. Although everything is very stressful, I am enduring an almost constant adrenaline rush.

I hope everyone had a fantastic time on our tour of the arena! You guys had a great tour guide. Tim really dove in and relayed as much detail as he could. As far as my daily routines go, I am kept very busy. I am kind of tossed around the office between everyone to lend a hand. This is great though because I am being exposed to so many new aspects of construction through people who are a wealth of knowledge. On a daily basis I track down daily field reports, chip away at punch list items by coordinating with our field personnel, and many other tasks. On Tuesdays I insert the Ironworkers’ time from our WSU Mike Ilitch School of Business project so they can get paid. I am also getting more and more involved with submittals and RFI’s as well. This is great because I actually get to piece together the parts of the project Ideal is participating in. I hope everyone has a great week! Stay open minded and absorb as much information as you can!

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