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My fourth week with Ideal Contracting has been another great week and learning experience. Even though there is still a lot for me to learn, I feel I have been getting better each week and my knowledge of the construction industry is growing. I am very appreciative that I have this opportunity to learn the business from such a great group of people at Ideal Contracting as well as the opportunity to get a variety of exposure at the WTC with regards to the PDPM projects. This was a great week because my responsibilities increased this week and its awesome to know that I’m playing a role in the actual projects that I am being exposed too. There is still so much to learn but I am starting to feel like I’m getting the hang of things which is very satisfying. On Tuesday, I was in charge of tracking down the rest of the as built drawings that were pertinent to the site ops 2nd floor and VEC 2nd floor projects. On Wednesday, I had two meetings with regards to the VEC executive garage and the site wall curtain projects. The rest of the day I started getting actual exposure to tracking down submittals related to the site curtain wall projects and getting in touch with the subs directly via phone and email. The day concluded with our weekly facilities meeting, which is nice to have everyone come together and go over everything that is going on with the company and our projects. On Thursday, the submittal process continued and I began submitting to our architect Ghafari for review. I made a few minor mistakes at first when submitting these submittals but I was easily able to correct my mistakes and made sure all members from Ideal, GM, Ghafari, and subs related to a certain submittal were informed. I am finding out the best way to learn is by making mistakes and learning from my mistakes. This whole submittal process is very interesting in my opinion because I enjoy establishing a relationship with all the subs that Ideal Contracting deals with as well as getting a chance to view the actual product samples that will be installed. Also on Thursday, the Detroit Hot Dog Company came to our WTC trailer location and provided lunch for everyone. It’s awesome how Ideal does such generous things like this and creates a great morale between all the employees. The day ended with a meeting with regards to an Aramark job fixing 14 slabs of concrete and correcting an erosion issue on four islands on the site pond location. This meeting established a start date for this project as well as the numerous safety precautions that must take place. On Friday, I was able to continue the submittal process with regards to the site curtain wall projects Ideal Contracting is renovating. Later on in the day, I was able to visit another project that Ideal will be working on, which is a renovation that will be taking place in the 2nd floor of the Man C building with regards to a noise control problem. After that I was tasked on estimating the portion of carpentry that Ideal will be performing on, which is something I really enjoy and is a great learning experience. I was also in charge of contacting all the subs that will be performing work on this project as well as setting a deadline in order to receive all quotes from the separate subs. Lastly, I was able to help with planting the new flower beds in front of the Ideal Contracting trailers, which has been a tradition for past interns which is nice to be a part of.



This has been another great week with Ideal Contracting and I am very appreciative of all the help I have received from the Ideal team.





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