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July 2019 – Ideal Contracting – Michael Penland

This past week we wrapped up the Build-u Internship Program which was very exciting. On Friday all the interns gave a presentation on a topic they choose to research or worked on during the summer. This was very informative because we were able to see what we all worked on this summer and what we learned from our internship. After the presentations we went to the fowling warehouse as our end of the internship activity. This was a great fun way to end the internship because we were able to bond outside of work.

For the past few weeks I had the privilege to help work on the Gordie Howe Bridge POE estimate. This was a great opportunity to learn the whole estimating side of a project. Mike and Jon from the estimating team were very helpful and showed me how to properly take off the steel from the drawings. They made sure to answer any questions I had as well as would explain in detail exactly what I was looking at in the drawings. This was a great experience for me and I learned everyday from all the other estimators in the office. I am glad that I choose to try some estimating this summer because I was able to learn from real life experiences rather than read about it in a class. I found out that there are many different things to consider when estimating even the simplest of structures. I am thankful for the opportunity that Ideal has given me the past two summers and am looking forward to what lies ahead.

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