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Week13 – MPG/Executive Interview – Michael Penland

This past week I had the opportunity to sit down and interview Rich Brown. I had the chance to ask him questions about his experiences in the construction field. The reoccurring theme of the conversation was communication. Rich said that one of the most important part of construction is communication. He also said that communication should be done face to cafe or over the phone rather than just sending an email. I learned that email should be used only as a form of documentation rather than a means of primary communication. I also asked a question on how to deal with issues when they arise on a job and Rich explained that the best way to deal/solve a problem is to sit all parties involved down in order to sort out the problem. He also told me that changing the culture on a job site is one of the hardest things to accomplish especially when the job is not going well. I enjoyed that I had the chance to talk with Rich about questions I had concerning the construction industry.

Out at Milford this past week T&M poured the curb for Lot A expansion using a curb machine. The Lot A project is nearing completion and should be done next week. Work has slowed down a bit but should pick back up in the coming weeks. The interns also gave our mock presentations on Thursday to help us prepare for our final presentation this coming Friday. I also have been busy working on the estimate for the intern community project.

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