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Week 8 – MPG, PDPM – Michael Penland


This past week was GM shutdown at the proving grounds. The biggest jobs going on at the site for shutdown was the paving package and the two steam lines that are being replaced. The steam lines had to be tied into the steam vaults during shutdown because the steam was shut off for the week. The paving was a priority because their was not as much traffic making it easier to pave and not cause as much of a disturbance to the people on site. The crews were working long hours to make sure that all the critical work was completed during the shutdown. Prior to shutdown starting we had a meeting to determine which projects were priority as well as when each project will be worked on. A calendar was made and sent to all members of the Ideal team at MPG. This was a great resource because it allowed us to know when each project was being worked on.

Last Monday the Build U interns visited the Laborers Training Center in Perry, MI. This was a great experience because we were able to see what type of classes the laborers take when they’re at the training center. We had the chance to learn about the dangers of silica dust, concrete burns, and how to properly use and inspect your PPE. We also were given a tour of the facility allowing us to get a better understanding of the training laborers receive.

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