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Week 2 – MPG PDPM – Michael Penland

Hello Everyone,

For week 2 of the Build U internship I spent the entire week at the Milford Proving Grounds. On Tuesday of this week Ideal hosted a safety luncheon at the Milford site. A taco truck was brought in and we had a great turn out for the event. I was able to meet other contractors at the luncheon and hear about the work they are doing at the site. This lunch was planned to show the contractors that Ideal appreciates their commitment to safety.

Adam and I also took a tour of the Dyno project that is going on at Milford. It was very interesting to see how challenging of a project replacing the dyno’s has been. We were told that over 50 different gasses are used to run the machine and the gas lines had to be welded in a very specific way. Jason is the one who gave us the tour of the dyno project. Adam also took me around to show me a little bit of what his job entails.

I have been learning a whole lot so far and am excited to see some other projects that the other interns are working on.

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