May 2019- Ideal Contracting- Toyota Calty Project- Kinzie Baad

For the first month or so here so far with the Build U Program has been amazing. I have been placed at the Toyota Calty project in Ann Arbor, being mentored by Derek Woloszyk (project manager). I have also been able to go and learn under the Safety guys here as well. I have been getting to go onsite every day and keep up with the whole project and what every subcontractor is doing. I will start every morning by going to the morning huddle, then usually will spend 45 minutes to an hour going around site, seeing where everyone is at and helping with equipment permits. I’ve learned how to put trucking tickets in and invoices, and I now also run the 1 p.m. POD (plan of day) meeting with all the subcontractors. I have also been having the chance to learn under Courtney Iler (project engineer) who helps me with a lot of learning the computer programs and how to navigate through folders and websites. Overall so far the experience is amazing. A lot that I learned in school is now making sense being able to see it in the real world and in person.

Last week we did get to go to the Carpenter School and learn a bit about a couple of the trades. we were able to build a wood wall frame and set it up. then we also got to try virtual welding which was a great experience. Having the opportunity to go to the schools and labor Union halls I feel is and will be great exposure for all of us so we can get a better understanding about what these men and woman in the field are really doing.

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