2019, Build U, Global Tech Center, Intern, Safety


From June to July a lot of growth and learning has happened for me at Ideal. I have been hopping between sites and learning how Toyota and GM operate. For a couple weeks I filled in as a safety admin. at the Toyota Calty Project. Through this experience I was able to perform daily orientations, administer new hire paperwork, edit and coordinate Job Safety Analysis’ (JSA), and receive and review sub contractor’s deliverables. Being exposed to these types processes has shown me a different side of safety, however it is just as important as site safety. The project timeline relies on these crucial functions for subs to get onsite and complete their tasks in a safe manner. Thankfully, Melanie Rapp and the entire team at the Calty Project were there to assist me at every turn.

Upon returning to GM it was shutdown week and work was starting to pick up. This was another valuable experience because I was able to see PDPM in full swing. I have assisted in writing FMEA’s, site safety analysis, site supervision, and much more. Another important experience, however unfortunate, was the opportunity to perform an incident investigation. This has taught me that sometimes tasks can go wrong in a split second and you must be able to respond quickly and effectively. Coordination and timeliness between organizations is crucial. I look forward to continuing my time here at Ideal!

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