2019, Build U, Pontiac Global Propulsion Systems

July 2019, Ideal Contracting/PM- Dylan Madurski

I have been in the Ideal Internship for about six weeks now, learning something brand new everyday. When I started the internship I had only seen the labor part of construction, and had no idea what went on in the office perspective of the construction process. I have learned about systems like PDPM and hard dollar jobs and the difference between the too. I have also recently gotten the opportunity to start walking job sites. I am based out of Pontiac so i have gotten the opportunity to visit the Pontiac GM plant alot and watch the progress of jobs and see the way a job is run on a daily basis. This has been really helpful by showing me what makes the job run smooth and I can also see what can make a job unsuccessful. This has been a great six weeks and i am looking forward to learning more in the future.

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