2019, Intern

May 2019- Ideal Contracting- UofM Kraus- Brandon Makowski

I am working on the U of M Kraus building with Spencer Young. Here at U of M we are adding on an addition in the courtyard of the building and we are also doing a bunch of miscellanies steel inside the building. I have never worked on a big commercial job before, so I’ve been learning a lot on how the job site works and how steel erection works. One thing I learned so far is what the four main steps to erect a steel structure are. The four main steps are Unload/Shakeout, Erect, Detail, and Deck. Unload/shakeout is when a truck arrives with new steel the Iron workers unloaded the truck and layout it out on the ground so that it is ready for the crane to lift. The erection is the part that I found to be the most interesting. The crane will pick up a piece of steel, then lift it over the building and then drop it down into the courtyard. Once the steel is there one of the connectors will use the tagline to guide the beam into place. Then they will stick a bull pin though one of the bolt holes to hold it in place, then they will stick two bolts in the beam and move on to the next one.  Detailing is after the steel is erected, a crew will go around and put the rest of the bolts in and torque them down. The detailing crew will also weld connections when welding is necessary. So far, this summer has been great and I’ve been able to learn a lot. I’m looking forward to being able to learn more throughout the summer.

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